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How do I point my domain to AdultCentro? (GoDaddy example)
This guide will help you point your domain to AdultCentro using as example the GoDaddy admin panel.
Whether you are setting up a stand-alone website or a feed, you will need to point your domain (or sub-domain) to us.
In order to point your domain, you should follow these simple steps:
1) After you have logged in, click All Products -> Domains -> Management on the main page   

2) Select Domain Name (as presented on the picture below) that you wish to point to AdultCentro

3) Launch DNS Manager in Domain Details section.


There are three ways to point your domain/sub-domain to AdultCentro:


  • Changing IP of the main Domain record (@) to (AdultCentro IP): 

  • Adding CNAME record for a sub-domain (for example if you have domain named SOMEURL.COM, you can create a sub-domain that would look like SUB.SOMEURL.COM and set a CNAME record, pointing it to AdultCentro: "". This is especially suitable for AC Feeds):


Please note that some internet domain registrars do not allow for pointing root domains to URL (Host Name) via CNAME, only to IP address as an option in their interfaces. The option could still be available to you, but you would have to contact the admins of your registrar and they could do it for you.

  • Pointing NameServers of your Domain to AdultCentro (that will transfer control over your domain settings to AdultCentro and our system will add a record on the AC side within 20 minutes of the moment NameServers are pointed. Please note: Hosting Providers always have propagation time for such actions that could last at least fifteen minutes and up to a few hours). The name servers to point to are: "", "" :


After either of the methods has been set, please don't forget to press the Save Zone File button.