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Article - AC Market vs AC Publisher . Where should I place my content?

Content Producers and Studio Owners often inquire about the difference between AdultCentro Market ( and AdultCentro Publisher ( and how each product is relevant to them.  Because we serve so many sectors of the adult entertainment market, we thought we would give you some insight below as to why AdultCentro is your premiere partner for content licensing based on questions from people like you.

Q:  "How can I make money content with AdultCentro?"

A:  If you're a producer or you own content, it makes sense for you to make your content available for purchase on AdultCentro Market. No other company has greater access to buyers of all types (web, broadcast, cable, mobile, etc) than we do and through ACM, you have the freedom to set your own pricing, add your own license types and get exposed to a massive pool of potential clients that you would not necessarily reach otherwise.

Q: "How can I make my content available in the ACM marketplace?"

A:  Making your content available for licensing and sale on ACM is simple.  We have built a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use system where all you need to do is:

Organize your source files (some broadcast companies require you to provide the highest resolutions possible upon purchase) and metadata information (in .csv format), and  follow our step by step instructions. Our team of dedicated specialists will evaluate and approve your content and, if necessary, fill in all of the missing metadata criteria, split your content by scene (if full DVDs are provided), format it, and roll it out live on the Market.

You can be confident that AdultCentro Market is the ideal solution for the mass-marketing and deal generation of your content.   Boasting a vast group of qualified potential buyers,  our sophisticated automated platform saves you time and money and lets you jump right into sales. AdultCentro Market has fast become the "go to source" of many elite buyers in pursuit of acquiring adult content.This is your opportunity to position your material in front of them.

Now, a few words about AdultCentro Publisher (

Q:  "If I have my content available for licensing on AdultCentro Market, can I also include it via AdultCentro Publisher?"

A:   Yes.  While having your content on the Market, we also recommend that you consider allowing us to place your content on our content feeder (AdultCentro Publisher) to yield you even greater revenue. Once your content is uploaded to the Market, it takes one click to to approve the use of your material on Publisher and make it live. By allowing your content to be in the Publisher, you will further expand your ability to generate money.

Q:  "How does AdultCentro Publisher work?  How do I make money?"

A:  Your content will be fed to tens of thousands of sites and you will be automatically enrolled in our revenue-sharing program.  You get paid every time your content is viewed. The main benefit of partnering with Publisher is that you are not overexposing your content by giving it away for free, but rather getting paid for every download/stream it generates.

Q:  "Are there any other benefits to choosing AdultCentro as my digital media content partner?"

Should you choose to add your content to the Publisher, as a Producer Client, we offer the opportunity to have our online experts create your own personal website completely free of charge.  This way you can create as many sites as you want to drive your own traffic to them (using your own billing). On top of that you can plug other ACP content into your members area (standard pricing applies when using others' content) thus creating full, legal pay sites.

Q:  "What if I my content is not in English?"

A:    Do not be discouraged if your content is in a language other than English - diversity is a good thing. We have buyers from around the globe who might be interested specifically in your language, thus driving targeted sales to your content.

Q:   "How much money will I make?"

A:    That's the $1,000,000 question!  We work with many different studios and producers and all of their numbers vary. Key elements that can affect your sales are offering titles of a specific genre (narrow niche), language, models/performers, themes or simply pure luck based on where your keyword get listed or a big client has decided to have your content "Featured" on their site.  While it is not fair to estimate revenue projections, there is one thing that you can bank on...

No other company has the relationships, technology, or ability to get you in front of tens of thousands of interested buyers like AdultCentro can.  We have yet to have a single complaint from our clients, we pride ourselves on doing a very good job of exceeding their expectations!

We want to work with you and empower your brand and your product!  Our goal is to meet the unique and dynamic demands of both producers and digital media buyers, bringing you together and ensuring that everyone is profitable. We would  be happy to answer any further questions your might have please feel free to be in touch!