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Shipping Content to AdultCentro

Sending content to AdultCentro.

Whether you decide to send your content to AC Publisher or AC Market we strongly encourage you to send us digital media (simply copy and paste an existing DVD folder to HDD) and send it over to us.
Sending us HDD or FPT'ing your content directly to our storages will significantly improve processing time.

Copying a DVD Disk:

       1. Create a name for your DVD on a hard drive or server and copy folders exactly as they appear on the original media.

Usually DVD media has 2 folders (Video_TS and Audio_TS)

** Do not worry about splitting it by scene as we're going to do it for you.

- If you're sending us content that is already placed on a Hard Drive and has not retained the original DVD structure try to organize it first.

- Keep your directory structure consistent so we can easily allocate master formats, the 2257 codes related to them and any additional content you might have and want to have in our system.

- I would suggest downloading a .CSV file (download .CSV file - click here - can be opened with Microsoft Excel - Inside of the downloaded archive you can find three CSV files, each one of them are made for different content type. Depending on the content type you will need to chose one of them) and filling in as much info as possible. Providing as much data as possible will create better chances for your content to be found by buyers. 

      2. Open a ticket.

Before sending anything to us (disks or HDDs) please make sure to open a ticket simply by sending us an email to (the ticket will be automatically created). Please attach a photo of your hard drive or model and make (if you need it to be returned) and a return shipping label (if you need us to send it back with any service other than USPS). IMPORTANT: Please attach an Excel or .CSV file with your content list in the ticket (title names).

Shipping Address:

1 Main Street
Keyport, NJ, 07735