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How do I set up an Epoch Account to work with my stand-alone website?

Epoch account set up details:

Postback URL:

Return URL: the same as main website URL

Server OS: Unix/Linux/BSD

Webserver: Apache

Password management: I will manage passwords

Here is the list of the information you need to add to your site in CRM to register your Epoch account in our system:

    • coCode* (Company Code - unique code of the Epoch account)
    • Pi code* (Product Code)
    • Initial period* (Initial trial period in days)
    • Recurring Period* (Recurring period in months)

Note: you need to input "Picode", "Initial period" and "Recurring period" for each membership plan (it's called "Pricing Option" in Epoch)

To find this information, please do the following:

1. Log in at using your Epoch login/password

2. You'll see list of your websites

3. Click "View Pricing Options" on the required site line

4. Green table contains pi codes, terms and prices for membership plans of chosen site

To get a coCode (Company code), you should write a letter to, and ask them, to provide a coCode to you manually.

Also, to be able to track clients account for cancellations, upgrades and transaction, you need to have Epoch Data Plus feature enabled.
To do that, you will need to contact Epoch support through an e-mail with this request and ask them to enable Data Plus feature for your account.

To add this information to your site in CRM you need to log in to your account

If you just setting up your project you need to go to Billing Provider tab, then you need to pick Direct Biller connection and pick Epoch.

If you already have site set up you need to go to My Sites/Feeds, then click Edit button next to your site, click Edit button in Billing System tab, pick Direct Biller connection and pick Epoch.